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Forget You

Forget You - Jennifer Echols I seem to have a hard time relating to Echols's female characters, but I was extremely fascinated with Doug in this book. And also with the town the story was set in. Echols is certainly a champion at writing teen angst. I think she has it down pat. There were too many times I wanted to shake Zoey because I felt like a lot of drama could have been avoided if she'd just told the truth. But then again, I can see why she hid some things. Her father wasn't exactly supportive. He was a total prick. I liked the book well enough, but I had a hard time getting interested in Zoey. I was way more into what was going on with the people around her.I like Echols's writing. I think she does a good job of setting the scene and describing the setting without going overboard. It was easy to visualize the sea, to see the earrings lying in the junkyard, and to smell the chlorine in the pool.