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Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy Series #1)

Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy Series #1) - This book came out when I was about DONE with reading paranormal and thirsty for more contemporary novels. However, I got to meet the author at an event this past weekend. She did a reading from the sequel Supernaturally, and I was intrigued. When she talked about what the book was about, I was even more intrigued. This wasn't your typical paranormal.I figured if the book was at least as entertaining as Kiersten, then I'd enjoy it. I was right.I LOVED it. Evie is a great character--kick butt and funny. And Lend. Oh Lend. I LOVE that it's a book set in a paranormal world with a girl who just wants to be normal. She gets excited over the funniest things. And it was a page-turner for sure.So, not much of a book review per se, but I'm looking forward to picking up Supernaturally and giving it a go.